Business Warrior Corp

455 E. Pebble Road #230912
Las Vegas, Nevada

Phone: (855) 884-5805

Stock Symbol: BZWR
Rhett Doolittle   is the CEO and Founder of Business Warrior Corporation (OTC ticker: BZWR). Over the last 16 years, Rhett has founded, built and scaled multiple successful high-growth start-ups in fintech and martech. He has a proven history developing new products, building successful sales teams, and creating efficient operations. Rhett’s vision, dedication and tireless perseverance are testimony he has the leadership qualities to drive his latest venture to success.

Prior to taking Business Warrior public in January of 2020, Rhett founded three companies that all reached profitability and had successful exits through a sale or merger.

Those companies were Entrust Bankcard, Mobisquad, both of which were listed on Inc 500’s list of The Fastest Growing Companies in the United States. The third company was Bluume, a unique combination of payment technology and SMB software. Bluume became a profitable marketing agency, and was the organization that later merged with a public company to become Business Warrior Corporation.

Rhett is now the CEO and Chairman of Business Warrior Corporation, who is bringing software, marketing and lending together to help businesses thrive. The next step in Rhett and Business Warrior’s successful journey is scaling the company’s current solutions from the combined forces of Business Warrior and their recent acquisitions, Helix House and Alchemy. The team is helping businesses succeed through premium marketing solutions, custom software development and a lending SaaS solution (PayPlan) to help distribute hundreds of millions of loans to the deserving people and businesses.

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