Life on Earth, Inc.

575 lexington ave
New York, New York

Phone: 5167070780
Fax: 5166009756
Stock Symbol: LFER
Mahmood Khan   is the co-founder and CEO, of Life On Earth, Inc. (Ticker: LFER), a leading Internet of Things security and secure enterprise software provider for Supply Chain, Warehouse, Asset Management, and Industrial IoT solutions.

Mr. Khan has been a serial entrepreneur within the enterprise applications and communication solutions markets. He founded SpeechWare, Inc. in 1989, a CRM software and professional services company in San Jose, California and successfully exited in 1999. He is a software engineer by trade and has founded, co-founded or help start several Bay Area companies including G-ESI Inc. (technical consulting and professional services company), Terra-Polaris (cloud based original arts gallery), ProCareer Manager, Inc. (cloud-based software for matching job seekers and hiring managers and management of candidate procurements), helped start (formerly known as Axion Logistics Corporation) and CrossCode Inc., (enterprise software discovery, analysis and dependency mapping company). Mr. Khan raised venture capital funding, for SpeechWare Inc., and CrossCode Inc., created the strategic roadmap and built the team to market, sell and support the organizations.

In February 2021, Mr. Khan joined Life On Earth to transition the company from a consumer package industry to fast emerging technology company. All businesses have software and they are vulnerable to hacking. These vulnerabilities pose a worldwide risk to economies and national security. Mr. Khan’s vision is to help the world economies and companies become hack-proof by securing their data, transactions and M2M communications with the secure solution offerings. To achieve his vision his focus is on fast emerging security and data communication and compliance software for the enterprises. Mr. Khan envisions a massive opportunity in the fast-growing IoT and security market in the businesses’ critical application software, data repository and the transaction data in the cloud.

Since joining, Mr. Khan has successfully eliminated legacy debts, have raised sufficient working capital for the company and have acquired SmartAxiom, an embedded IoT Security software company with solution based on their patented technologies to securely manage and track IoT devices, M2M communications, logistics and blockchain transaction. This he sees as the first step towards a safer economy and the free world.

Over the past 30 years, Mr. Khan has also worked with some of the top icons of Silicon Valley companies engaged in enterprise data drive Analytics, AI and enterprise software. His prior companies include Oracle, Netsuite, Computer Science Corporation, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Siemens, ROLM and GEC Telecommunications.

Apart from a software technology solution engineering career, Mr. Khan has also been a successful stock portfolio manager and trader. In Addition, he has served on several educational and philanthropic NGO’s boards.

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