ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc.

224 S. Pegasus Avenue
Northvale, New Jersey 07647


Contact: Andre DiMino
Phone: (201) 767-6040
Stock Price Alert: .18 on 11/1/16
Symbol: ADMT 
Exchange: OTCQB 
Industry Sector: Technology
Employees: 24


Founded in November, 1969 ADMT initially started as an R&D company developing and selling non-toxic chemicals to various industries, particularly the food and medical packaging industries. Subsequently ADMT began producing water-based adhesives, coatings and additives, in addition to its environmentally safe chemical business. However, due to the skill and creativity of its' founder Dr. Alphonso DiMino, an internationally recognized inventor, ADMT entered into the medical device industry, which became the company's core business. After having developed a number of proprietary, patented therapeutic electronic medical devices, ADMT then progressed to become an FDA-registered medical device manufacturing facility producing its own Class I, II and III medical devices. The ADMT products were well received in both the U.S. and foreign markets, enabling ADMT to build a state of the art, self-sufficient technological infrastructure with a staff of multi-disciplinary medical device engineers, researchers and technologists.

The Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare, had a devastating effect on the Medical Device industry, primarily due to a new excise tax and reduced reimbursements for various medical procedures. In turn, this had a severe impact on ADMT's business plans and results in late 2012 and early 2013. In response, in early 2013 ADMT reconstructed its business model and instituted a new plan of action by offering its leading-edge electronic medical device engineering, regulatory and manufacturing expertise to other medical device companies in the United States and Europe.. This had a significant positive effect, resulting in 10 consecutive quarters of increased revenues and profits. This change in business strategy allowed ADMT to continue to support its own proprietary medical device technologies which the management plans to introduce to the market upon completion. 


ADMT is a diversified, technology-based developer and manufacturer of innovative technologies and products. Its core competency is its ability to conceptualize a technology, design, develop and manufacture the final product and ultimately commercialize it.

ADMT Divisions:
Proprietary Electronic Medical Devices - Sonotron --- Aurex---Alvio (joint venture with QOL)

Eco-Friendly, Safe, Water-Based Formulations

Original Equipment Manufacturing --- utilizing advanced technology infrastructure, such as 3-D solid prototyping and precision instrumentation

Provider of a Full Range of Electronic Medical Device Engineering, Design and Regulatory Services


10 consecutive Quarters of increased revenues and profits
Proprietary Medical Devices to be launched upon completion
Organic Growth---no equity or debt offerings in over 10 years.
State of the Art Facility. Savvy Research, Design and Engineering Team
Responsive Dedicated Management 


Fiscal Year Pay
Andre DiMinoPresident and CEO$154,000View Biography
Timothy GilmartinVP ProductionN/A
Matthew DrummerChief Science OfficerN/A
Lindley CuramengVP RegulatoryN/A


52 Week High: .23 on 2/13/17 Total Shares Outstanding: 67,578,502
52 Week Low: .145 on 10/20/16 Public Float: 39,500,000
All time High: $1.50 on 11/10/98 Earnings Per Share: .003
All time Low: .01 on 8/1/10 Book Value: .05

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  Dramatic re-launch of business operations with significant growth in revenues and profits over the past 11 quarters, back-to-back.

  Multiple current revenue streams with potential higher growth from proprietary electronic medical devices planning to be launched over the next several years.

  Experienced and multi-disciplinary team of management, engineers and technologists with proven track record of bringing complex electronic technologies from conceptual stage, through design, engineering and regulatory functions into manufacturing, all in-house.

  Strong balance sheet with virtually no debt, high cash reserves and multiple recent quarters of increasing revenues and profits.

  Extremely low market cap of under $13 million, and the stock is trading under 3 times revenue with a low PE ratio of 18




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Fiscal Yr
Ends 3/2017
Prior Fiscal Yr
Ends 3/2016
Recent Quarter
Ends 12/2016
Revenues  $5,271  $4,513  $1,157
Pre-Tax Earnings (Losses)  $1,137  $261  ($43)
Total Cash  $1,982  $1,398  $1,874
Total Assets  $4,520  $3,422  $4,414
Total Liabilities  $853  $1,059  $1,097
Shareholders Equity  $3,667  $2,363  $3,317

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