Verifyme, Inc.

75 S. Clinton Ave, Suite 510
Rochester, New York 14604


Contact: Nancy Myers
Phone: 585-736-9400
Stock Price Alert: $3.17 on 12/1/21
Symbol: VRME 
Exchange: NasdaqCM 
Industry Sector: Technology
Employees: 7


The Company was formed as LaserLock Technologies, Inc., in Nevada on November 10, 1999. Until 2018, we were primarily engaged in the research and development of our technologies. In conjunction with our strategic partner HP Indigo we began to commercialize our covert luminescent pigment, VerifyInk® on labels and packaging.

In 2018 we also developed a software portal which covertly and overtly authenticates and serializes products to track a product’s complete “life cycle” from manufacturing to the consumer for brand owners. 


Verifyme, Inc. is a technology solutions provider specializing in providing brand owners with product authenticity testing, supply chain monitoring and data rich consumer engagement features using unique smartphone readable codes on the brand's products. Our technological brands grow revenue, engage with consumers and provide brand protection and supply chain functions such as counterfeit prevention, product authentication, serialization, consumer engagement, track and trace features for labels, packaging and products.

We believe our technology is the only invisible covert serialization and authentication solution deployed through variable digital printing on HP Indigo printing systems with a smartphone tracking and authentication system. Our technologies are capable of fluorescing, decoding, and verifying invisible VerifyInk codes in the field designed to allow investigators to quickly and efficiently authenticate product throughout the distribution chain, including warehouses, ports of entry, retail locations, and product purchased over the Internet for inspection and investigative actions.

This technology is coupled with a secure cloud-based track and trace software engine which allows brands and investigators to monitor the complete supply chain from product origination to the end user utilizing geolocation mapping and intelligent programable alerts. Brand owners access the VeriPAS™ software through a web portal over the Internet. Brand owners can then set rules of engagement, gather rich business intelligence, establish marketing programs for customer engagement and control, monitor and protect their products’ “life cycle.” We have derived minimal revenue from our VeriPAS™ software system and have derived limited revenue from the sale of our RainbowSecure® technology.  


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Margaret Gezerlis (38)CFOView Biography
Sandy Fledderman (40)CTOView Biography
Keith Goldstein (55)COOView Biography
Patrick White (68)CEOView Biography


52 Week High: $4.27 on 11/17/21 Total Shares Outstanding: 8,467,000
52 Week Low: $1.17 on 8/23/22 Public Float: 6,100,000
All time High: $331.00 on 11/1701 Earnings Per Share: 0.99
All time Low: $2.00 on 7/1/17 Book Value: $3.04

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  Extreme Market Drivers include growing world-wide counterfeting problem that is estimated to reach $2.2 Trillion in counterfeit goods in 2022. According to the World Health Organization, 10's of thousands of people are being killed or harmed by counterfeit and sub-standard drugs such as pain killers laced with Fentanyl.

  VerifyMe has major strategic partners - Hewlett-Packard Indigo and multi-billion-dollar INX International.

  Highly scalable technology that applies to all consumer goods including food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, government credentials, cannabis and the apparel industry.

  VerifyMe is the leader in product authentication technology and helping brands engage with consumers to drive revenue. The board of directors are extremely successful businessmen, government consultants, and major door openers with fortune 500 companies.

  The stock is trading at a relative 52 week low on 12/1/21 at $3.20 a share and trading at just 1x Book Value with a research report projecting a price target of $10.00


The Board of directors take 100% of their compensation in stock of the company. 4 out of 6 board members participated in our stock purchase plan in 2021.


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Fiscal Yr
Ends 12/2021
Prior Fiscal Yr
Ends 12/2020
Recent Quarter
Ends 6/2022
Revenues  $867  $343  $4,500
Pre-Tax Earnings (Losses)  $3,612  $2,507  ($12,550)
Total Cash  $9,400  $7,900  $3,750
Total Assets  $21,700  $8,775  $18,095
Total Liabilities  $521  $455  $4,505
Shareholders Equity  $21,167  $8,319  $13,590

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Microcap Headlines' compensation is $54,000 for a 6 month period as of 12/1/21. The President of Microcap Headlines has purchased 8,000 shares in the open market at an average price of $3.00 a share.

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