Business Warrior Corp

455 E. Pebble Road #230912
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123


Contact: David Kugelman
Phone: (855) 884-5805
Stock Price Alert: .009 on 10/24/22
Symbol: BZWR 
Exchange: OTCQB 
Industry Sector: Financial Services
Employees: 150


Business Warrior has worked with more than 25,000 small businesses in all 50 states since the company was founded in 2014. On average, its solutions have helped businesses get over 400% return for every dollar spent, while its lending platforms have processed over $200 million in loans.

On January 31, 2020, a merger was consummated (the “Merger”) with Bluume LLC., dba Business Warrior (“Business Warrior”, the “Company”), and KDNG Merger Sub, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kading (the “Merger Subsidiary”), pursuant to which Business Warrior merged with and into the Merger Subsidiary, with Business Warrior being the surviving entity.

Following the Merger, Kading adopted the business plan of Business Warrior. As consideration for the Merger, an aggregate of 15,500 shares of Series A Preferred stock was issued to the former Business Warrior members. Immediately following the transaction, Kading was redomiciled to the jurisdiction of the United States and changed its name to Business Warrior Corporation (the “Company”). The financial statements are those of Business Warrior (the accounting acquirer) prior to the merger and include the activity of Kading (the legal acquirer) from the date of the merger.


Business Warrior provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to improve small business’s ability to make decisions that will lead to more customers, increase revenues, obtain access to growth capital, and build a professional legacy for themselves and their families. They were formed to integrate advertising performance, financial data, and funding as key sources of success and growth for small businesses. By helping businesses solve two of their biggest growth obstacles, i.e., customer acquisition and funding, it has become a leading source for small business growth.

Business Warrior does this by compiling thousands of online data points from small businesses and leveraging unique data sets to provide loans to small businesses that have a high likelihood of succeeding and growing. Business Warrior then takes that raw data and applies a proprietary algorithm built to reflect how that business is performing and how likely it is to gain additional new customers. This is the subscriber's Business Warrior Score, which is provided for free to businesses.

Like a personal credit score, the Business Warrior Score is a benchmark for business success. The Business Warrior Score is a core component of what Business Warrior does and is connected to each of its paid products and services, including basic marketing services (inherent in its SaaS), premium marketing services (through its subsidiary, Helix House), small business loans (Business Warrior Funding), and strategic revenue opportunities.


Fiscal Year Pay
Jeremy Keehn (50)CPO$170,000View Biography
Rhett Doolittle (43)CEO$324,000View Biography
Jonathan Brooks (36)President$113,000View Biography


52 Week High: .24 on 10/26/21 Total Shares Outstanding: 445,000,000
52 Week Low: .006 on 10/21/22 Public Float: 352,000,000
All time High: .37 on 8/1/21 Earnings Per Share:
All time Low: .006 on 10/26/22 Book Value: .0094

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  The Stock is trading at a relative 52 week low on 10/24/22 at just .009 per share

  The stock is trading 1x Book Value as of 10/24/22

  Proprietary Technology creating a unique platform to help businesses with their customer acquisitions and capital infusions

  Extremely low market cap of $4 million as 10/24/22 and the stock is trading just 1x revenue




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Fiscal Yr
Ends /
Prior Fiscal Yr
Recent Quarter
Ends 5/2022
Revenues  NA    $1,227
Pre-Tax Earnings (Losses)      ($445)
Total Cash      $3,075
Total Assets      $6,400
Total Liabilities      $2,127
Shareholders Equity      $4,300

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Microcap Headlines' compensation is $15,000 for a 3 month period as of 10/24/22. The President of Microcap Headlines has purchased 400,000 shares in the open market at an average price of .01 a share.

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